AirPods 3: Apple’s latest wireless headphones lose tens of euros

News good deal AirPods 3: Apple’s latest wireless headphones lose tens of euros

No need to define what AirPods are, it would waste everyone’s time. Apple’s wireless headphones are a huge hit, so when they’re on sale

AirPods 3 and even AirPods Pro are at a knockdown price on Amazon

The price of AirPods 3 has hardly changed since the product was released: 199€. They are in their place, between the classic AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro.

As so often with Apple, the promotions are meager and extremely rare. Scratching a few tens is already something quite exceptional in itself. Right now, it’s possible since Amazon is displaying Apple’s latest True Wireless headphones for €179 instead of €199!

Buy AirPods 3 at 179€ on Amazon

If you want our opinion, for a difference of only €30 between the two models, it may be worth it to favor the AirPods Pro (unless you’re bothered by the earphones going in your ears or you prefer hearing your surroundings to noise reduction).

Released at €279, the AirPods Pro are now sold for only €209 on Amazon.

Buy the AirPods Pro at 209€ on Amazon

Apple AirPods: often imitated, never equaled

Do you remember the first months or even the first year of AirPods history? Of those thousands of memes based on people who cut the wires of their old headphones thinking they were smart?

As often, when Apple releases a new product that shakes up the codes of its time a little, the brand is mocked. Then the fans adopt it. Then the least fans. Then the competition follows suit. And finally, everyone is switching to wireless headphones.

Despite everything, the AirPods remain stars, largely the leader in their market. Why ? As often with Apple, the answer can be summed up in one word: ecosystem.

As soon as you have several brand products, here it is above all the iPhone that counts, everything is simple, practical. New options open up to us, very naturally. The secret of AirPods is this comfort in use. nothing is needed, we almost forget them, it works and that’s it.

From time to time, Apple improves its core product, but the core concept remains the same. Concretely, this is what the AirPods 3 have in store for you:

  • Autonomy of 5 hours (the box contains 3 full charges, i.e. 15 hours of autonomy);
  • Extremely simple pairing and intuitive, especially on IOS;
  • A stable connection thanks to Bluetooth 5.0;
  • A very good hands free kit thanks to the directional microphones;
  • A certificate iPX4 to resist splashes of water and sweat;
  • A wide, dynamic and precise soundespecially on the mediums (the voices);
  • A specialized sound with consideration of the gyroscope;
  • Sound paused by removing an earphone;
  • Intuitive gesture control directly on the headphones;
  • Compatibility with Siri.

For the AirPods Pro, count on an even better sound and especially the presence of active noise reduction.

Buy AirPods 3 at 179€ on Amazon

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