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After the Hawaiian pizza, a new plague hits Italy: post-fascism

Si. Molto Difficile Signore Demorand…

Because yes I am bilingual. sono bilengui. It is only out of respect for our listeners who are not that I will write this column in French. In France, we all have a special link to Italy, something that fascinates us in Italian culture. I’m Florence, Botticelli…
Nico “THE PIZZA! »

You Nicolas is the pizza… It doesn’t matter whether we are Italy “in the heart” or “in the stomach”, this morning, when you discover that the hashtag “Mussolini” is in top tweet, and that Florian Philippot, who is to political bullshit what the barometer is to the weather, tweeted “Bravo, magnificent! #UrsulaShut Up! » you understand that something not cool happened.

Personally, I learned of Georgia Meloni’s victory from the mouth of Léa Salamé, who when I arrived at Inter this morning had these very strong words, I quote: “I hope she won’t spoil our fashion- discolored week”…

Alas Léa, I believe that the political earthquake is such that this victory for the Italian extreme right IS likely to ruin Fashion Week for us, a fashion week placed in any case under the sign of the return of the BLACK SHIRT… Since – panicked because of what I was reading about this Georgia Meloni, and her “frateli d’Italia” party presented as “nostalgic for Mussolini”, I investigated, I went to the reference site for Italian political scientists: ” Wikipedia »…

And there I unearthed good news and bad news. The good news is that she speaks French. The bad news is that she speaks French: “Mussolini is a good politician”

Yes Nicolas, Mussolini was a good “policeman”! Attention: there she was 19 years old, since then water has flowed under the bridges… Aqua coulando in short… Georgia Meloni knew how to “smooth” her image… but her ideas still seem so extreme… The kind of rancid ideas that we can sometimes risk despite ourselves after a 7th Spritz, like Yael Gooz at the CE pot on Friday:

Yael “We don’t need migrants! »

The problem is that Meloni formulates them “on an empty stomach”.
Now, should we be AFRAID? Clearly NO. Italy has in the past been able to survive other assaults, other insults to its beauty, to its culture: we obviously think of Rondo Veneziano..

And worse – if anything can be worse than Rondo Veneziano – pineapple pizza… Also called by purists:

Italy will survive neo-fascism as it survived Hawaiian pizza… So of course beware, all of this is just my feelings, far be it from me to criticize the sovereign choice of the Italian people… Here, at Inter, we don’t judge.

What do we say to our Italian friends Léa?

Léa “your decadence, you are cowards…”

No, we wish them good luck.

“BONO couragi” as they say in Abruzzo… Arrivedeci à todos…

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