After the Ariana Grande scandal and the licked donut, Katy Perry’s pizza thrown in the air that unleashes the fans!

In 2015, Ariana Grande caused a scandal after licking a donut and shouted that she “hated America”. In a video leaked by TMZ, we saw the singer in a donut shop in the process of licking one on the display of the shop, before asking her boyfriend at the time to do the same. At the time, the store owner threw it all away, and the singer’s disrespectful behavior followed her for years.

Seven years later, it’s Katy Perry’s turn to cause a scandal. In a video that has gone viral on the Web, we see the singer in a nightclub in Las Vegas throwing slices of pizza in the air towards the crowd. For some of his fans, it was grand. “My only goal in life is to have Katy Perry throw pizza at me,” “I didn’t know I needed Katy Perry to throw pizza at me, but now it’s on my to-do list. things to do”can we read on Twitter.

For others, it is a lack of respect. “Katy Perry feeding her pigeons…”, “I would be really pissed off if Katy Perry threw a piece of pizza at me”, can we read in reaction to the video. A way to honor his hit “Bon Appétit”? In 2017, Orlando Bloom’s companion used food metaphors to seduce the coveted man, through a very explicit clip in which she presented herself as different dishes.

Diva behavior or more eccentricity, Katy Perry is in any case not at her first attempt with her pizza throw. Alcohol, hallucinogenic mushrooms, toilets and giant excrement… his last concert in Las Vegas called “PLAY”, as part of his residency at the Resort World Las Vegas Theater, surprised many!

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