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A customer at a restaurant in Pennsylvania, USA, left a tip of $3,000, or about 2,958 euros, for the waitress who served him. A beautiful demonstration of generosity, which is part of the movement initiated on social networks and very trendy: “tips for Jesus”.

Map locating the city of Scranton, in Pennsylvania (United States). (Map: West-France)

A four-figure tip for a $13.25 (€13) meal. This is the generous gift received by a waitress at the restaurant Alfredo’s Cafe, in the city of Scranton in Pennsylvania, in the United States, reports the television channel CNN on July 24, 2022.

The facts date back to June 16, 2022. Mariana Lambert has been working at Alfredo’s Café for two years. She serves a homemade stromboli (a kind of pizza rolled up on itself, topped with cheese and charcuterie), to Eric Smith, a customer of the restaurant. The meal must have been delicious, since when paying the bill, it is not less than 3,000 dollars (2958 euros) that the recipient of the meal offers as a tip to the employee.

“When it was time to pay the bill, Mariana Lambert came into my office, tears in her eyes and manager Matt Martini told CNN. She told me that a customer left her a $3,000 tip on her $13.25 bill. »

Catering affected by the crisis

Zachary Jacobson, another restaurant executive, was also present that day. He was able to question the client on the reasons for his generosity. “He said he worked in cryptocurrency. He wanted to give back some of what he had received to the community. » The manager explained that he had worked for ten years in the establishment, but that he had never seen such altruism before. “I am very happy to see such gestures. It is an industry in which it is exhausting to work, especially since the arrival of the Covid–19 pandemic. »

The tip left by the customer amounts to nearly 3,000 euros. (Picture: YouTube/WNEP screenshot)

“It’s nice to see people realize how difficult the restaurant world is. It’s a lot of work and few clients understand the difficulties associated with the lack of staff”, added a restaurant employee to the local American television channel WNEP. Servers in the United States, paid largely by tips from customers, have seen their economic situation deteriorate with the pandemic, which has caused restaurants to close.

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“Tips for Jesus”

Eric Smith had also written “Tips for Jesus” (“tips for Jesus” in French), on the back of his credit card receipt. The client thus refers to the Instagram account of the same name, followed by more than 76,000 subscribers.

This account indicates “doing the work of Jesus, one tip at a time”, and lists dozens of photos of bills with more than generous tips left by customers to restaurant employees, preceded by the words “tips for Jesus”. The movement, started in 2013, and which has grown significantly in recent years, is a delight for servers.

” I am still shocked “said Maria Lambert on the microphone of WNEP. “We were a bit skeptical at first. We checked his bank card, took his photo ID, to make sure everything was working”. She announced, delighted, that this tip would allow her to pay a few bills, or even to afford a vacation with her family.

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