After 138 cardiac arrests in 48 hours, his Apple Watch saves his life

It almost becomes a habit. Many news items regularly reach us on lives saved by the ECG (electrocardiogram) function of the Apple Watch. The story that has occurred in recent days in England is in any case not trivial. David Last, a 54-year-old Briton, was indeed able to be treated in time when his heart had stopped less than 138 times in 48 hours.

The beautiful stories are multiplying around the Apple Watch

It all starts when the man tests his connected watch for the first time. He then discovers that his heart rate is abnormally low: 30 beats per minute against between 60 and 100 for an adult man on average. However, he thinks that the device is probably defective, but his wife suggests that he consult his general practitioner. The latter then directs him to the hospital for an electrocardiogram.

And there, surprise, the establishment calls him back, and asks him to come back urgently. He is very quickly taken care of, and for good reason, he is told that without an operation, he risks sudden cardiac death.

After surgery, David Last is now out of the woods. Quoted by The Independenthe is very grateful to his wife: “ If she hadn’t bought me my Apple Watch for my birthday, I wouldn’t be here. I will always be eternally grateful to him. Other than charging it, the watch always stays on me now. »

Recently, it was the Apple Watch’s SOS function that saved an Apple customer after getting her foot stuck under a rock in a river whose temperature did not exceed 13 ° C . Similarly, the ECG feature also saved the life of an Indian who was able to diagnose an abnormal heart rhythm.

Grateful, his wife even took care to write to Tim Cook to thank him. The manager decided to answer him: I am so glad you requested a clinical assessment and received the care you were looking for. Thank you for sharing your story with us “. A happy ending as we like them.

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