ADP: Sébastien, his suitor blurred last night, the reason revealed!

Sebastian talked about him as soon as his portrait was released last February. Her seductive talents won the hearts of viewers, especially the fairer sex. As soon as the famous portrait was broadcast, the letters immediately flocked to the headquarters of the production of “Love is in the meadow”. But the dark young man has imposed some rules for those who hope to date him. He claimed that he would only select shots without makeup or filter. The contenders lent themselves to the game. Some also wanted to add a line of mascara to put the odds on their side.

The crazy success of Sébastien (Love is in the meadow).

By becoming a candidate for the program “L’amour est dans le pré”, Sébastien had the firm intention of meet the woman of your dreams. He is also even ready to form a family with her. This 35-year-old pork butcher and castanéiculturist has more than one trick up his sleeve.

It turned out to be a pest charmer, although shy. More than 10 contenders asked to see him. However, the channel only allows 10 people per contestant. It should be noted, however, that the date of each meeting has not been disclosed.

Source: Capture M6

Among these contenders, one person aroused the curiosity of viewers. Her date with Sébastien was not disclosed on screen.

M6 explained

The face of a particular contender was never revealed by the cameras. This is blurred every time she appears in the spotlight.

A netizen commented:

“Hey, there was a blurry incognito… strange”.

A Twitter user added:

“Am I dreaming or is there a girl who wanted to be blurred because she didn’t make it? »

Why has his identity been kept secret ? Is there a special reason for this? Is she a well-known public figure who wishes to avoid the press?

M6 preferred to say that there were no great reasons for this. The person under the blur just asked the production to keep his identity a secret. Even the first name of the candidate of “Love is in the meadow” has been hidden.

“The production respected the choice of the contender”, is the response of M6 on the subject.

As you might expect, the mysterious stranger is not going to take the next step with the handsome brunette.

A promising sequel for Sébastien

Despite this fortuitous case, the new protégé of Karine Le Marchand found incredible chemistry on two dates.

Sébastien from “Love is in the meadow” will also even be destabilized by seeing one of them. This is the Alsatian caregiver, Léa. The charm of the 27-year-old young woman put the young man in all his states.

This one almost lost his voice, during this meeting. Karine Le Marchand even had to intervene a few times to help him. To refer to his high-pitched voice during this speed-dating, a user wrote:

“He’s charming, the only problem is that when he’s happy he has Mickey’s voice”.

Leah left all moved of this experience. She even shed a few tears on occasion.

Another young woman also caught the eye of the butcher. Her name is Perrine. This amateur singer and Northern administrative manager, impressed the dark brown. Her smile and her beauty had taken the young man’s breath away. He even admitted that Perrine had “all the criteria that he liked” in a woman. His coach herself saw a real “love at first sight” between the two. It’s only natural if Sébastien invited him to come and see his farm.

A good start for the show “Love is in the meadow”.

In any case, the production hit hard for this 17th season. Sébastien’s performance during the first meeting attracted many curious people. Many appreciated the joy and good humor during his appointments. The case of the mysterious stranger would have contributed to the increase in the audience.

It is therefore not so surprising if this first episode of “Love is in the meadow”, garnered over 3.88 million viewers. This number still represents 19.3% more than over the previous 4 years. It also represents an additional 34.5% of FRDA-50 or female purchasing managers under fifty.

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