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Three: this is the number of new colors that could be offered when buying a pair of Beats Fit Pro, the famous wireless headphones with a more discreet frame from the manufacturer acquired by Apple in 2014. A Twitter account apparently well informed has just revealed animated visuals of several models never before seen in stores; one beige, one ocher and one darker.

The source even claims to know the official name that these shades will take when they are marketed, namely Mica, Ocher and Umber. To date, you should know that the Beats Fit Pro are already available in black, white, ash green or purple. We do not know precisely what could have pushed Cupertino to prepare an additional trio, but everything suggests that it is indeed the same version.

Beats Fit Pro spec sheet

Arrived on the French market no later than last January at the price of 229 euros, the Beats Fit Pro are among the best consumer Bluetooth headphones. The pair embeds active noise reduction and is compatible with Spatial Audio sound, which Apple Music delivers for example with eligible products such as third-generation AirPods.

Water and sweat resistant thanks to their IPx4 certification, the Beats Fit Pro are capable of operating for up to six hours at a stretch with noise cancellation activated. A figure that rises to six p.m as soon as you recharge the duo with its case, which therefore also acts as an external battery. Everything is powered via a USB-C socket like perhaps future AirPods Pro, the associated cable being provided in the box.

Where to buy the new Beats Fit Pro?

For the moment it is impossible to know precisely when these new Beats Fit Pro will see the light of day. Keep in mind, however, that this leak has obviously not been confirmed by Apple, which could change its plans at the last moment. It is also possible that it is a simple assembly.

We’ll let you know if Beats does decide to release these colorways. We should then be able to find them on its official website, or even at Apple and others. resellers like Darty or Boulanger. – Official App

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