Actress Charlbi Dean, ‘No Filter’ Palme d’Or star, dies at 32

“It’s appalling,” said a representative of the actress, adding “confirm information from TMZ”, the American media of reference on celebrities. According to this site and the media Deadline, Charlbi Dean died “suddenly” Monday in a hospital in New York. No information was available on the causes of her death, in particular on a possible illness against which she would have fought.

In the film “Without filter” (“Triangle of Sadness” in English) by Swedish Ruben Östlund, Charlbi Dean plays Yaya, a top model and influencer, obsessed with her image and her career, who is offered a luxury cruise with her little friend who is also a model. Five years after “The Square”, Ruben Östlund won a second Palme d’Or at the 75th Cannes Film Festival in May with this enjoyable satire of the super-rich and luxury, judged as the most entertaining film in the Cannes competition.

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