According to Zuckerberg, Meta and Apple are engaged in an ideological competition on the metaverse

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta and Apple are engaging in a “very deep philosophical competition” to create the metaverse. According to the boss of Meta, it’s a real clash of ideas.

Meta and Apple in competition on the subject of the metaverse?

Earlier this month, the big boss of Meta told his employees that they were in competition with Apple for “determining the direction the Internet should take”. Comments made during an internal meeting. Mark Zuckerberg even said he wanted Meta positions itself as a more open and cheaper alternative to Apple. The apple brand should announce the release of its first augmented reality headset at the end of the year.

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For Zuckerberg, it is a competition on the plan ideological. Since renaming the Facebook company name to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has been pushing the concept of interoperability for the metaverse, or what he sees as the next big chapter of the internet after the age of smartphones. The company recently contributed to the creation of the Metavers Open Standards Group with Microsoft, Epic Games and other big tech companies.

Zuckerberg wants to create an open world

The idea is to spur the creation of open protocols that will allow people to easily navigate future immersive 3D worlds with their virtual goods. Apple is absent from this think tank and it is precisely on this point that Zuckerberg attacks his rival. He explained that Apple’s approach is to manufacture tightly controlled hardware and software, like the iPhone. Zuckerberg clarifies that it is not clear whether “an open or closed ecosystem will be better”.

Apple has always kept silent about its plans for the metaverse. Even so, there are several signs pointing to the imminent release of a high-end headset that blends the total immersion of virtual reality, with augmented reality experiences that overlay the real world. This helmet, currently known under the code name Cambria, could be released at the end of 2022. The American giant is also preparing its first real pair of augmented reality glasses.

If virtual reality and augmented reality take off as Zuckerberg hopes, we understand that he wants position Meta as the Android of Apple’s iOS. There is already a parallel to be made: the Meta Quest 2 headset already allows the loading of applications that are not approved by the application store of Meta, exactly as Google does with Android.

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