A young Algerian discovers a security flaw in Apple devices and the global giant celebrates it

Algeria – A young Algerian has managed to make a discovery in the security system of Apple devices. This prompted the global giant to celebrate this find. Dzair Daily brings you all the details, following this passage from Sunday August 21, 2022.

Recently, a young Algerian created the event on social networks, after discovering a security flaw in the devices of the global giant Apple. Therefore, the Dzair Daily team has decided to reveal all the details about this subject, in the rest of this article today. Learn all, just below.

In fact, it is a young scientist of Algerian nationality who responds to the name of Abdelkader Mouaz. Originally from the wilaya of Tiaret, the young man did not hesitate to contact the American multinational company Apple, which specializes in the creation and marketing of electronic products as well as software. And this, when he managed to detect a security breach on his own devices.

This allowed hackers to control and easily get most of the operators’ personal data. This prompted this company with the logo of a bitten apple to make some updates in order to protect the data of its users. While taking the initiative to add the name of this young Algerian to his list of honor.

Here is what this Algerian said following this good news

In addition, Abdelkader Mouaz made some statements on his Facebook account. After having reacted to many Internet users on the Algerian Web. Indeed, this young man was proud of what he was able to accomplish. This is one of the greatest accomplishments of my career. »he pointed out.

Admitting, later, that he had sent several loopholes to the global giant Apple. To ultimately succeed in attracting the attention of this international company. And that’s because his name has been added twice in a single month to the company’s wall of honor. In this context, Abdelkader mentioned: What makes this achievement even better is that I was able to achieve it twice in a single month. ».

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