a three-metre-long pizza for large tables and big appetites in Uffholtz

Since January 15, you can enjoy a pizza of an impressive size, beating all records, at the pizzeria restaurant in Uffholtz. It takes between eight and ten people to overcome the chef’s pizza, which is three meters long.

Giuseppe Galtieri, the manager of the pizzeria Da Giu’ in Uffholtz, does not do things by halves. He even thinks big. Since mid-January, he has been offering his customers a pizza of a size never seen before, neither in Alsace nor elsewhere. “I searched on the internet, I did not find such a long one”, says the restaurateur. We already knew the pizza at one meter, or even two, but here, Giuseppe dares the size above: the pizza at three meters. Absolute record.

Pizza is on the daily menu all week. “You choose your ingredients according to ten flavors to choose from: ham, cheese, mushroom, seafood, etc. As for the pizza menu”, explains the chef. He also makes two-meter pizzas in six flavors and “small” one-meter pizzas in three flavors.

No need to book in advance. You just need to plan a good table to overcome this XXL pizza. According to Giuseppe Galtieri, the three-meter pizza is suitable for groups of around ten people.

Recently a table of eight people ordered me my three meter pizza but they couldn’t finish it. Below ten, it’s possible but you have to be big eaters”. As a family, it works very well, provided you bring the children, parents, grandparents, cousins, cousins…

The idea of ​​such a gigantic pizza came to him just like that, for sharing, for the friendly side, “for people to have a good time”. After almost two years of restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the need was undoubtedly felt. These gargantuan tables are a way to make up for lost time.

And apparently it’s going well, the customers are there, rejoices Giuseppe. “We’re making the buzz on social networks and the media”.

On the oven side, Giuseppe prefers not to reveal too much about the manufacturing processes. Kitchen secret obliges. One can only know, to satisfy one’s curiosity, that “the cooking is done by the meter, then we glue the ends”. What is certain is that he will not go beyond three meters, “that’s not bad”. It’s even huge.

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