a third range of pizza from the Buitoni brand called into question

After “Fraîch’up” and “Bella Napoli”, it is the turn of the “Four à Pierre” range from the Buitoni brand to be singled out. Consumers will file a complaint after the contamination of a little girl with E. coli bacteria, franceinfo learned on Thursday.

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A third range of pizza from the Buitoni brand is questioned by a family of consumers, learned franceinfo and France Télévisions from its lawyer Thursday, May 5. Me Richard Legrand announces that a complaint will be filed for “endangering the lives of others”, “involuntary injuries” and “deception”.

It represents a family settled in Vienne, whose 7-year-old girl was hospitalized for two days in March after eating a pizza from the “Four à Pierre” range. She was contaminated with the bacterium escherichia coli, known as E. coli, and had serious intestinal complications.

The questioning of this third range of pizza from the same brand is “worrying for the future” because “unfortunately perhaps other people have been victims following the consumption of another range” of Buitoni, deplores the lawyer.

Thursday morning, a second range of pizzas was the subject of a complaint, the “Bella Napoli” range. The scandal began last March, with the withdrawal of pizzas from the “Fraîch’Up” range by the Nestlé group, owner of Buitoni. About fifty cases of contamination with E. coli bacteria are potentially linked to the consumption of these pizzas.

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