a talent from The Voice Kids knocks him out live! Fans surprised.

Since several weeks, fans of The Voice Kids have the opportunity to discover new talent and new members of the jury. Patrick Fiori, Louane, Kendji and Julian Doré make every effort to provide the best candidate of the season.

You look like you’re 30

This Saturday September 17The Voice Kids began its mythical fights after several weeks blind auditions. For this new issue, the coaches had to form a trio to work on a song.

By coaching his 15-year-old talent, Jules, Patrick Fiori did not expect his remark. At the beginning, the singer said to him: You have an old soul, you are a young boy.

He continues: But you have a old soul, And it feels good. The teenager then confessed: My friends tell me : You speak like a 30-year-old.

Patrick Fiorioutraged, confides then: 30 years is not old. An observation which did not fail to make internet users laugh. And for good reason, they did not expect this intervention from Jules.

On social networksseveral people wrote: A 30 year old, but you have to stop with this, thank you Patrick Fiori. But also : You sound like a 30 year oldI’m 39, so I’m a grandmother?

Julien Doré talks about his age

For his part, Julien Doré also had confesses a few things about his age. The Voice Kids coach said: I was afraid of not being myself in the role of a guy in his thirties who listens to children sing.

He continued: Something that automatically upsets me in life. I had to be up to it. I was afraid of having a shell, than the fact of feeling filmedmade up, turned on and stressed puts a veil on my emotions.

The Voice Kids coach also explained: I was afraid of not being able to convey what I feel. One thing is certain, this new season has allowed the jury to push their limits.

If Louane, Kendji, Julien Doré and Patrick Fiori are very happy to be part of the jury, there are one thing they hate. These are citrics. A young candidate, Nahel, was the target of haters.

patrick fiori 2022

In effect, many did not hesitate to denounce him because of his way of speaking. His parents said the young boy suffers from disharmony. It’s about a pathology characterized by hypersensitivity with a form of high potential.

Patrick Fiori defends a talent in The Voice Kids

In an interview with Entertainment TVPatrick Fiori (The Voice Kids) has defended his young talent. Patrick Fiori confided: I was not no longer aware of these attacks. Because I stay away from social media.

Patrick Fiori also revealed : We do not attack a child. And even less with a pathology. We accompany the children loving them. And giving them a certain direction. It is my mission.

Patrick Fiori

Before declaring : Attacking a child at all costs, on social networks or elsewhere, I find it very small. They have great qualities. But they also have a large capacity to spread evil.

Finally, Patrick Fiori (The Voice Kids) concluded : There is a real daily work to do with the kids.

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