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A successful opening for La Pizzerie

We had mentioned in our columns the pre-opening of the Sérignac neo-commerce La Pizzerie which for the occasion had organized a tasting session open to all as a trial run. Open for several weeks now, the new pizzeria in the bastide located in the former Relais has been a success. The commands follow one another. A great success for first of all a space rehabilitated recently by the municipality of Sérignac-sur-Garonne as well as for this beautiful bet brilliantly taken up by Marie-Hélène Robert and Béatrice Mourgues. “As the restaurant L’Escale stopped making pizzas, there was a shortage. So the hesitation to take the plunge was only short-lived”, explains Marie-Hélène Robert, pizza maker for a few years now. . The realization of pizzas, from the dough to the sauce through the toppings, therefore has no secrets for the latter. In this adventure, the Agenaise is assisted by her childhood friend and Sérignacaise Béatrice Mourgues, who embodies the third generation of family traders. Both offer around twenty different pizzas, including sweet pizzas. Pizzas made with French flour and spring water. 48 hours are needed to let the dough rest. “There’s the classic, the Ariègeoise with liver sausage and sheep’s cheese, the vegan one for vegetarians… The choice is vast. We also have a special pizza, the Sérignacaise, which is our undisputed queen pizza” , specify the two traders. The products are fresh and, as far as possible, local. “We get our supplies from Sérignacais producers when we can and more generally from the Agenais”.

Drinks are also available. Fresh pasta has recently been added to an already well-stocked menu. Contact: 06 80 76 35 65

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