A series with Michael Douglas filming for Apple TV+

The stars have been parading in recent weeks in the alleys of Saint-Malo. At the end of June, Hugh Laurie, known for his role in Doctor Houseand Mark Ruffalo, who interprets the role of Hulk in the films of the saga avengers, had thus put down their suitcases in the corsair city. The two actors participated in the filming of a mini-series for Netflix, the adaptation of the novel by Anthony Doerr All the light we can’t see.

In mid-September, another big American production will install its cameras in the fortified enclosure. In this series shot for Apple TV+, Michael Douglas will play Benjamin Franklin, founding father of the United States.

Financial benefits for the city

Adapted from the book by Stacy Schiff A great improvisation: Franklin, France and the birth of Americathe series returns to the diplomatic trip made by Benjamin Franklin to France in order to obtain support in the war of independence which opposed the American colonies to the United Kingdom.

Scenes will notably be shot along the Quai Saint-Louis as well as at the Bon Secours swimming pool and inside the Jacques Cartier mansion. Scheduled over several days in Saint-Malo, the shoot will bring together four actors, 100 extras and 200 technicians. “In total, more than 600,000 euros will be spent on the territory”, welcomes the city.

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