a report on Freddie Mercury makes Internet users nostalgic

A report from “50’Inside” on Freddie Mercury made Internet users nostalgic. TF1 screen capture

This Saturday, September 3, a new number of “50’Inside” was broadcast on TF1. A report was devoted to the ultimate song composed and sung by Freddie Mercury, “The Show Must Go On”. And this tribute to this legend has made a large number of Internet users nostalgic.

For this first weekend back to school, TF1 broadcast a new issue of “50’Inside”, followed by “50’Inside, le mag”. If Jean-Paul Rouve was the portrait of the week of Nikos Aliagas, the teams of the first channel were also interested in Sylvie Tellier, Kendji Girac, but also in the cast of the new season of “Dancing with the stars”. However, it was a completely different report that unleashed the passions. “50’Inside” spotlighted a world legend, the lead singer of one of the most famous bands on Earth, Queen. You guessed it, it’s Freddie Mercury, who disappeared 30 years ago.

Discover the portrait of Nikos Aliagas:

Freddie Mercury marked an entire generation. Her singular voice still resonates in people’s minds and as soon as a song by Queen is broadcast, she draws everyone in. As the teams of TF1 recalled, the singer had an extraordinary destiny. In this subject entitled “The Show Must Go On, the hymn to the life of Freddie Mercury”, viewers were able to hear the hits of this icon and his group. But it is the story of his very last song that has been told. The artist wrote the lyrics to this song when he knew he was doomed and shortly before he breathed his last. Despite his great weakness, he gave himself body and soul to record it until the end.

“50’Inside decided to make me cry”

“The Show Must Go On” was a farewell song for Freddie Mercury, although at that time his audience was unaware of his dire predicament. The singer had HIV and had only confided it to very few people, including Elton John and his band members. Nevertheless, what he wanted with this title, it was that this song is still interpreted after his disappearance. A wish that has been granted, since many artists have taken up these words. Moreover, eight months after his disappearance, it was Elton John, his friend, who sang “The Show Must Go On” on stage with the members of the group Queen. A timeless moment that would have made his interpreter proud. By rediscovering these images and this report on Freddie Mercury, Internet users felt a lot of nostalgia. For them, he was and will remain a legend.

Freddie Mercury died on November 24, 1991, at the age of 45. And 30 years after his death, no one has forgotten this icon, not even his former teammates who continue to transmit his legacy and his passion on stage.

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