A prototype of Apple’s AirPower is revealed on video

The AirPower is making headlines again with a prototype presented on video. It was supposed to be Apple’s product allowing wireless charging for the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

Apple had announced its charging mat in September 2017, during the iPhone X and iPhone 8 keynote. The product was supposed to arrive in 2018, but it never came out. And for good reason: Apple decided to cancel the project in March 2019. This was explained by development problems, in particular with overheating of the product and interference.

AirPower prototype

It turns out that Apple may not have said its last word. Indeed, it is rumored that an equivalent to AirPower is currently in development within the company. But the details about him are more than light.

Meanwhile, YouTube channel 91Tech has a video showing a prototype of the AirPower. This is a model with 22 coils. The product is not able to load anything, but it is possible to scan it when connected to a Mac.

There’s also a video from YouTuber Luke Miani. For once, he has several prototypes, including a model with 16 coils and another with 22 coils. He did a load test and it works…for a second. The YouTuber also unveils the SquarePower, a prototype that has never been talked about and that wants to be bigger. In size, this could be the equivalent of two AirPowers side by side.

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