A pizza on the Christmas menu? The French are tempted

Fans of pizza, the French would be ready to give it pride of place on very special occasions. This mythical dish could even take pride of place at the center of the end-of-year holiday tables. Surprising.

Mozzarella or tomato base, garnish made of meat, fish or vegetables: pizzas are still much appreciated by the French. Proof of this: they would be the second biggest eaters in the world, behind the Americans (United States) and far ahead of the Italians, with an average of nearly 10 kilos of pizza gobbled up per person per year.

Tasted on a regular basis, this classic of Italian gastronomy would also find its place on special occasions. According to the results of a survey carried out by the Ooni brand with OpinionWay, nearly one in four French people (22%) would not rule out the possibility of eating it during the holiday season. year, a figure that rises to 30% among the youngest (18-25 years old). It would thus dethrone the traditional foie gras, smoked salmon and stuffed turkey with chestnuts, which usually delight the taste buds of the French.

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With lots of cheese

If some people plan to decorate their pizza with choice dishes such as pieces of Italian dry ham, arugula, pecorino, truffles or even chanterelles, the majority of French people will probably be satisfied with their favorite pizza, the one with a lot of cheese.

Two classic Italian pizzas occupy the podium: the four cheeses in first place (42%), the Savoyard pizza (33%), and the Regina chosen in 30% of cases.

And when it comes to homemade, the French are more and more tempted. Many have been rediscovering for several years the pleasure of culinary preparation using fresh produce. At the heart of their motivation: the desire to regain control over their diet at all levels. In addition to this desire, the preparation of a pizza at home is perceived by 44% of French people as an activity in itself, entertaining for those who practice it.

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