A pizza delivery boy acts as a hero by saving a 6-year-old child from a fire

A pizza delivery boy in Lafayette, Indiana saved the life of a young child last week while doing his job.

When he saw the house burning, the delivery man explains that he felt compelled to go inside to check if anyone was still trapped.

“I told the family to get out of the house. Four people followed me to the door, but afterwards I asked them if anyone was left inside. They replied that a child was still in the house,” explains Nick Bostic.

The man immediately returned to the home to look for the young boy, barely 6 years old.

When he spotted the child, he says he had problems evacuating safely.

“I tried to go out the back door, but I couldn’t find it,” he recalls.

The good Samaritan then identified a window on the 2nd floor to evacuate the child he was carrying in his arms.

Without hesitation, he jumped. The child and the man are safe and sound, but the rescuer for a day suffered injuries.

“I have injuries to my hand, but the paramedics put a bandage on me to ease the pain,” he explains.

The man breathed in toxic smoke, so he was taken to a hospital.

“The temporary pains were worth it. I am very proud of my gesture, ”he adds.

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