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A “pasta museum” will (finally) see the light of day in Italy

In Italy, pasta represents such a part of the national gastronomy that it is entitled to the most solemn of tributes. After a first national museum in Rome, now closed, then another in Parma, unofficial and inaugurated by Barilla, a new “Museo della Pasta” will soon see the light of day under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Culture. A deserved recognition for this food, but which was not won, as it took so long to see it emerge from the ground. It took, in fact, several months, even years, before it could see the light of day.

If we could expect to see the birth of the building in the province of Gragnano, near Naples, where traditional pasta has obtained its salvation over the generations, it is in Liguria, further north, that the museum will finally see the light of day. The latter will include the collection of the Agnesi Foundation, present in fire the National Pasta Museum in Rome, and will take up residence in a building completely renovated for the occasion, reports the magazine Dissapore.

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