A Niçois wins the competition for the best Mediterranean pizza

A super light and super digestible dough. Which earned Franck Nedelko, pizza maker from Nice, the Phocéen trophy. Distinction rewarding the best Mediterranean pizza at the “Food in Sud” competition in Marseille.

Still, the winner is a newcomer to pizza. Well almost. In another life, Franck Nedelko was a cook. Ten years in gastronomy. Which gives the basics. And then, change of route. It goes from solid to liquid: “I worked for fifteen years in a champagne house. Following a layoff, I trained in pizza dough alongside a vice-champion of vegan pizza.”

Enticed by the good feedback

With his companion, Franck opens pizza flavor (4, place Pellegrini), in October. “I had good feedback on the pizzas. So I wanted to try for the trophy in Marseille.”

The competition brought together twenty-one participants. Having to compete on the theme of Marseille pizza. “Either a dough of 300 grams, a base of tomato, anchovies, fresh herbs, olive oil, garlic.

For the dough, it was no pie! “There were several protocols depending on the flours. My dough is like a leaven that matures for several days, which I add to a traditional impasto. And I let it mature again. This is what makes the recipe light and digestible. The rating of the jury, made up of starred chefs and ex-champions, also focused on the garnish.

He won. And he is still a little surprised by it: “I went to be judged by pros. It was unexpected to have the victory, but suddenly, on March 30 and 31, I will participate in the French pizza championship in Paris.” Still some work to do…


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