A new design is looming for the Apple Watch Pro

A bigger screen, a bigger battery, a temperature sensor… and a new design. The Apple Watch Pro could be the biggest change in the lineup since the Series 4, announces Mark Gurman in his newsletter. The future watch for backpackers and athletes could thus offer “ an evolution of the current rectangular shape, but not circular “. On the other hand, no question of “flat slices” as had already been whispered for the Series 7.

With its screen 7% larger than the 45mm, the Apple Watch Pro should be ” a little bigger than the standard Apple Watch, adds the snooper from Bloomberg. Big enough, he says, to attract only part of the clientele “. The chassis is planned to be more robust, Apple would have used a more durable titanium version.

Mark Gurman: l

Mark Gurman: The very sporty Apple Watch dubbed “Pro” would cost $900 (or more)

The famous new energy saving mode would allow this model to last several days on a single charge, remains to be seen the compromises made on the features: which ones will be deactivated?

If the temperature sensor should make its appearance in the Apple Watch Pro and, more generally, in the Series 8, other health monitoring sensors are planned but it will be necessary to be patient. According to Gurman, the one that will monitor blood pressure will only arrive ” probably not before 2025 while the long-awaited non-invasive glucometer might not be ready before the end of the decade…

Skin temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar: distant prospects for the

Skin temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar: distant prospects for the Apple Watch


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