a man predicted the date of the Queen’s death several months in advance… and that of Charles III!

Is Nostradamus still part of this world? This is the question that many Internet users have been asking for a few days and in particular since the death of Elizabeth II, although everyone knew that she was not eternal, and that she was unfortunately going to leave this world one day. or the other, Britain, but also the whole world, finds itself plunged into great sadness since his death. Except perhaps Kelly Vedovelli to believe his reaction a few hours after the sad announcement. However, we had enough to prepare for it.

Indeed, as surprising as it may seem, an Internet user had predicted the death of Elizabeth II several months before her death. This one had not only given a wide range to predict the departure of the queen, but indeed the exact day. “The Queen will die on September 8, 2022”wrote on Twitter Logan Smith on July 6, 2022.

The prediction of death, more than scary…

A more than disturbing announcement, especially since Elizabeth II was not the only one targeted by the predictions of Nostradamus 2.0. Indeed, his son, who has just acceded to the throne, Charles III, was also entitled to a grim prediction. As for Harry and William’s father, he is likely to leave us on March 28, 2026…

Hoping that Logan Smith was wrong for this date and that the new king of England leaves this world as late as possible. Since the queen’s death, Logan Smith’s account has become private and Twitter has decided to suspend it. No doubt to prevent panic from creeping into the minds of the royal family. A royal family preparing for the “funeral of the century” on September 19 to accompany their mother, grandmother, or even great-grandmother, until her last trip after her more than 70 years of reign.

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