a guard assigned to watch over the queen’s coffin has passed out

In London, tens of thousands come to pay their last respects to Elizabeth II. Until Monday, September 19, the day of the Queen’s official funeral, which will take place in the presence of many heads of state including Emmanuel Macron, her coffin is on display in Westminster Hall. Many anonymous wait – up to 5 p.m. waiting in line – to say a last goodbye to the queen.

A very supervised ceremony. To avoid any incident, many guards are responsible for watching over the coffin of the deceased queen. One of them fell ill overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, our colleagues from BFMTV say.

The TV interrupts the live

The guard collapsed brutally on the ground as shown by the images filmed by several British channels which broadcast live the vigil of the coffin of the queen. The broadcast was then cut and replaced with images of Big Ben.

At the time of his discomfort, the guard is standing next to the coffin. He wobbles a first time, before falling completely to the ground, head forward.

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According to information from Charlie Proctor, editor-in-chief of the Royal Central, a specialist information site on the British monarchy, the guard received medical aid from the police officers present. No information was then given on his state of health, nor on possible injuries, indicated The Telegraph.

Round the clock

The guards responsible for watching over the coffin of Elizabeth II are supposed to do so for four periods of six hours during which they rotate every 20 minutes. They are part of Gentlemen at Armsrecognizable by their white feather headdresses, the oldest group of bodyguards of royalty.

Between now and the Queen’s funeral, hundreds of thousands of people are expected at Westminster Hall. Each person is allowed to stay only a few seconds in front of the coffin which is accessible 24 hours a day.

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Authorities have asked the public to “dress appropriately to pay homage” to Queen Elizabeth II. The uninterrupted flow of onlookers should be stopped a few hours before the beginning of the funeral of the queen.

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