A giant screen collapses in the middle of a concert on two dancers from the group Mirror

A giant screen suspended several meters above the ground suddenly fell and struck at least two dancers from the group Mirror on Thursday evening. The facts took place at the Hong Kong Coliseum, during the fourth performance of a series of concerts by the boy band. The dancers were treated at the scene before being rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

One reportedly suffered a head injury but is said to be in stable condition. The other was injured in the neck and is in serious condition, according to information from variety. It would be Mo Lee Kai-yin, 27 years old. An article from South China Morning Post reports this Friday that the impact dislocated the third and fourth sections of the dancer’s cervical vertebrae, leaving him unable to move his limbs. His head and lungs were also injured, but the extent to which they were affected is unknown.

Warning, the video below is very violent and can be traumatic.

The concert immediately interrupted

The Hong Kong government revealed that it had asked the concert organizer to “review and improve” safety the day before the accident. Indeed, the Mirror group had another accident at the scene on Tuesday. Boy band member Frankie Chan Sui-Fai fell off the stage during the second performance but was not seriously injured. Hong Kong chief John Lee said: “I am shocked. I express my sympathy to those who were injured and hope they recover soon. »

Culture Secretary Kevin Yeung Yun-Hung said the investigation could last for weeks and experts would examine whether the hanger wires had let go because of the material they were made from or because of the way they were made. they had been used. “We will embark on a very detailed investigation with the support of the departments concerned and certain professionals to ensure that we investigate the cause of the incident in depth,” he said.

The concert was immediately interrupted and the public was asked to leave the hall. Three women at the concert, aged 16, 21 and 40, were treated for ‘shock’ last night and one was sent to hospital. The rest of the performances have been cancelled.

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