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A giant pizza of 28 meters, to taste for the good cause in Lucé

The Chartres Red Cross and the Chartres Jean Moulin Lions Club joined forces and their volunteers on Monday, October 31, to help the homeless. Concretely, two days a week, volunteers from the Lions Club Jean Moulin join those of the Chartres unit of the Red Cross to participate in marauding in the streets of the city.

The Red Cross and the Lions Club Chartres Jean Moulin join forces to better help others

At the same time, the lion club Chartres Jean Moulin intends to organize several specific actions to raise funds for the Red Cross of Chartres. First event today, with a giant pizza operation, at the Casino Hyper Frais de Lucé.

600 shares at €1

“The hypermarket prepares us a giant pizza 28.11 meters long for free. Six hundred shares will be on sale at €1 each”, explains Hervé Neirizi.

The Lions Club Jean-Moulin adapts to the health situation

“I don’t know if it’s a record in France, but, in any case, it must be in Eure-et-Loir,” he rejoices. “Six varieties of pizzas – three cheeses, chorizo, goat’s cheese, bacon bits, pepper-mushrooms, flamekueche – will be offered for sale from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. »

In numbers


bakers from Casino Hyper Frais de Lucé mobilized for this giant pizza operation for the benefit of the Chartres Red Cross.


m long (i.e. 28.110 cm, in reference to the postcode of Lucé) by 60 cm wide.


kilos of prepared pizza dough.


pounds of tomato sauce.


kilos of grated Emmental cheese.


kilos of peppers

kilos of potatoes

kilos of fresh cream.


kilos of sliced ​​goat cheese.

kilos of chorizo.

pounds of onions.


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