A future Apple TV 8K would be in preparation after the beta of iOS 16

Betas of iOS 16 and especially tvOS 16 appear to include references to the AV1 video codec which could pave the way for massive improvements in video streaming on Apple’s platforms and even 8K quality. From there to imagining an Apple TV 8K to replace the “4K”, there is only one step.

An AV1 codec for 8K

These references were first brought to light by Neowin. In the framework library CoreMedia from Apple, there is a reference to the AV1 video codec.

As you may know, AV1 is a video format used by streaming giants as a royalty-free alternative to HEVC used for streaming 4K and UHD Blu-Ray. However, with its ability to efficiently stream video without compromising on quality, it’s also a great tool for data-intensive 8K streaming prospects.

The ramifications of this project are manifold. This likely indicates that Apple plans to enable AV1 codec support in future software for devices like iPhone 13, Mac M1/M2, iPad, etc. It will also eventually be made available as a software update for Apple’s current range of boxes, including the Apple TV 4K.

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Even if you don’t have any of the tools needed to take advantage of 8K streaming, it could save users huge amounts of data and bandwidth when streaming current content, thanks to the efficiencies mentioned earlier. by the AV1 codec.

Crucially, however, it could pave the way for 8K streaming in a device such as a future 8K Apple TV. The current box has the HDMI 2.1 standard but does not use all of its bandwidth.

All this supports the idea of ​​a new Apple TV equipped with an A14 chip for the end of the year, after the release of iOS 16 and tvOS 16. So it is possible that this new device brings the 8K . At a minimum, AV1 support would improve current streaming on a lot of services, regardless of the resolution upgrade. It is likely that Apple’s current Apple TV does not have the power to perform software decoding of video.

Recall that the Apple TV 4K 2021 includes an updated remote control, a 60 FPS display and an improved processor, as well as support for eARC HDMI in version 2.1.

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