A few more weeks at the pizzeria wars

The phone number used by Pizza Salvatoré ends in 7777, just like the four other restaurants in Trois-Rivières of its competitor Stratos. Even more, Pizza Salvatoré operates in a building formerly occupied by its competitor on boulevard Jean-XXIII in Trois-Rivières.

Stratos Pizzeria estimates that it is suffering a loss of goodwill and even claims that some customers dissatisfied with the product delivered by Pizza Salvatoré have complained to Stratos, convinced that it is about their prepared meals.

Stratos is therefore asking the courts to order its competitor to change its telephone number and destroy any promotional material containing this telephone number, immediately, and then settle the rest of the dispute.

Salvatoré thanks his competitor for the visibility

In a video posted on its social networks, the Pizza Salvatoré chain responded humorously to this formal notice.

Clearly Stratos, grab a good slice of pizza because you’re hungry; followed by an advertising excerpt that mentions ”you’re not you when you’re hungry”. I don’t know if it’s supposed to scare us, but personally, when I see big capital letters in a text, I tend to find it funny.

The man in the video adds thatinstead of spending your money on large legal fees, we invite you to donate to the Quebec Breakfast Club, your money will be used for a much more noble cause.

He says 85% of Pizza Salvatoré’s sales come from the web or mobile app.

Only 15% of our customers choose to order by phone. People are not cellars. Our valued customers, like yours, know the difference between two phone numbers even if both end in 7777. Do you think that number was chosen just to steal customers from you? Seriously? In closing, thank you very much because it gave us great visibility. There are several newspapers that have published articles, several of which praised the performance of Pizza Salvatoré. It got us some great free publicity.

The case was adjourned to October 17.

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