A CAD file shows the Apple Watch Pro in 3D

It will not take long for after the shells intended for the Apple Watch Pro, we discover a CAD file which reveals the watch in question. It is the 91mobiles site which published the following 3D renderings, from a file which undoubtedly comes from an accessory manufacturer.

If this file is indeed authentic, the Apple Watch Pro would therefore have a new design with several differentiating elements from the classic range. First of all, it is impossible to miss this astonishing protrusion which protects both sides of the digital crown and which also houses the side button. On the left edge of the watch, there are three small holes for the loudspeaker and a new button whose usefulness is not known. At the rear, the sensors seem less prominent than on the classic models. And at the front, the screen is perfectly flat, protected by the frame on its sides. The chassis is vertical in its highest part, but it retains its curved part below: this may explain the contradictory rumors on the subject.

Apple Watch Pro CAD

The 91mobiles site adds another indiscretion: there is a 49 mm model, even larger than the 47 mm model mentioned so far. Today, the Apple Watch Series 7 is available in two sizes of 41 and 45 mm. If this information is true, the Apple Watch Pro should therefore not be suitable for small wrists! The official presentation of the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Pro is scheduled for this Wednesday, September 7.

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