A British operator integrates Apple One into its plans

Carriers might be tempted to use Apple One as a carrot to sell bundles and the iPhones that go with it. In the United Kingdom, EE will market, from August 31, a new formula of its Full Works plan including a smartphone, a data envelope and access to the bouquet of Apple services.

In 2020, EE was already integrating Apple services into its plans.

In this case, it’s the individual Apple One deal, the £14.95 per month one that comes with Apple Music, TV+, Arcade and 50GB of iCloud storage. Pricing for EE has not been announced but will depend on the iPhone model chosen. This “all-in-one” solution is a benefit for the operator, for Apple, and it could appeal to customers who want to avoid the hassle of managing multiple subscriptions.

This isn’t the first time EE has slipped services from Apple into its Full Works plans. In September 2020, the operator offered a subscription to Apple Music, TV+ and Arcade from £69 per month for two years. Integrating Apple One therefore makes sense. And maybe it will give ideas to other operators on both sides of the Channel!

Apple could also embark on the same niche of subscribing to gear: rumor has it that an “all-inclusive” formula will soon be launched with an iPhone and services with it (we can easily imagine Apple Care+ and Apple One) , all with the ability to upgrade to the new model when it comes out.

A subscription to equipment would be in preparation at Apple 🆕

A subscription to equipment would be in preparation at Apple 🆕


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