8:30 p.m. Sunday – Carole Bouquet gives her point of view on the value of work and exasperates internet users

Guest of “8:30 p.m. on Sunday”, the actress, who plays “Bérénice” for the third time at the theater, gave her point of view on the value of work. (Screenshot France 2)

This Sunday, September 18, France 2 viewers discovered a new number for their end-of-weekend meeting: “8:30 p.m. Le Dimanche”. Laurent Delahousse invited personalities around a theme: the power of words. Words, a theme indeed dear to Fianso, currently headlining in the film “Under control” broadcast on Netflix, to Benjamin Biolay, already at the top of sales with his new album “Saint-Clair”, to Fabien Roussel , who came to debrief the news and in particular her punchline around work or to Carole Bouquet, who came on the set to talk about her return to the stage in “Bérénice”. During a moment of discussion on the value of work, the actress released a sentence that exasperated internet users.

What is the real power of words? An immense power according to the panel of guests that France 2 viewers were able to discover on the set of “8:30 p.m. Le Dimanche” this evening, on France 2. Contents of this new issue presented by Laurent Delahousse, as always, guests from eclectic universes. Cinema, rap, theatre, politics… once again, the program was dense! Thus, we were able to find the Caesarized actress Carole Bouquet, back on stage in “Bérénice”, the iconoclast Sofiane Zermani alias Fianso, Fabien Roussel, deputy and national secretary of the French Communist Party, who came to debrief the news of the week (and his punchline on the work which caused a real outcry at NUPES) and Benjamin Biolay, who performed tonight’s live, who topped the sales charts with his new opus entitled “Saint-Clair”. The show began with an interview with Carole Bouquet, who has just left the Parisian boards of La Scala, which she has occupied since last Thursday. The actress plays indeed, and for the third time, in “Bérénice”. Asked by Laurent Delahousse, Carole Bouquet did not hide her happiness to find the stage and the beautiful texts: “There are texts that fascinate me. It’s as if I were a pianist and that I loved Bach; c that is to say, I think I will play it again all the time. (…) It’s a language I never tire of,” she confided to the journalist. Later in the show, Fianso, who is enjoying real success on Netflix thanks to his role in the film “Under the influence” and Fabien Roussel joined the actress on the set.

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“Thought Level Zero”

Present on the set of the show, Fabien Roussel was invited to comment for five minutes on the news of the week. Political news essentially centered on a punchline released by the Communist deputy on September 10, on the sidelines of the Fête de l’Humanité: “Eradicating unemployment in France means getting out of a France of unemployment benefits, RSA and substitute income. It means guaranteeing a salary and a job for all.” Through this formula, the elected official thus opposed the “left of work” to the “left of allowances”… which provoked lively polemics within the left and the NUPES. Fabien Roussel therefore explained his point again on the set this evening. Asked by Laurent Delahousse about this sentence but also about the value of work, Carole Bouquet reacted: “I think this sentence puts the foot in the dish. (…) Everyone dreams of a job, everyone, everyone dreams of existing!”. The point of view and this output of the actress has drawn strong criticism on Twitter.

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