7 characteristics of people with High Intellectual Potential

People with high intellectual potential have particularly sharp senses. Noises, smells or lights, they feel everything more intensely. Some will be intolerant to certain noises (motors, pendulum, telephone ringtone, siren, etc.) others will not tolerate contact with certain textures and materials.

The emotional sensitivity of gifted people is also heightened. They may experience emotional torrents, sudden emotional shifts, or sudden mood swings. According to Catherine Zobouyan, neuropsychologist, these people may have ” offbeat reactions, a different vision of situations and intensely expressing their joy, sadness or even anger“.

A trivial thing can cause a state of effervescence or conversely a state of extreme unease.

In hypersensitivitywe hear “sensitivity” and “hyper“. This means that we experience things much more intensely than most people and that we are unable to protect ourselves from the emotions of those around us, whether near or far. Hypersensitive people are very gentle, very refined, and they generally evolve in creative circles”, explains Valérie Grumelin-Halimi, psychotherapist.

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