7 brands that are the “Apple” of their niche

Herman Miller

Is it worth spending more than a thousand euros on a chair to work? You might not think it, but many of the world’s top consulting firms have their offices full of chairs from this brand. The idea here is clear: a person who works comfortably can perform better and will be sick less often due to a trauma problem.

On the other hand, Hermann Miller does not neglect design at all. Its catalog is a spectacle of shapes and colors that enters through the eyes. Exactly the same as when you go to the Apple website and start bugging the colors of the new iPhone.


dyson v15.jpg

James Dyson is a bit like the Steve Jobs of vacuum cleaners. An entrepreneur who went to great lengths to develop his idea for a portable cyclone vacuum cleaner. Nobody wanted to do it for him, and they said he was crazy to try. The parallel with Jobs and HP stands alone.

Currently, Dyson is the best vacuum cleaner brand in the world, but by far. Their prices may seem absurd, but products like the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute work wonders. The build quality is so high, and the details so precise, it’s easy to forget you’ve spent over $600 on a vacuum cleaner. Along with the hair dryer, Dyson also ended up showing its quality, making the Supersonic almost as coveted as the iPhone.


nintendo oled switch

Nintendo also has its points in common with the company headed by Tim Cook. Their ecosystems are designed to be totally closed. The consoles and the games they distribute are also thought out in detail. They even introduce quite experimental technologies to improve the gaming experience. Nintendo and Apple are not as far apart conceptually as it seems at first glance.

In terms of price, Nintendo can offer you a less powerful console than the competition, even at a similar price. But… what difference does it make? The Nintendo customer is looking for an experience that no other brand can provide. Whoever is done with the Switch to play Mario, Zelda or Pokémon, basically makes a similar reasoning to buying a MacBook Pro only to be able to work with macOS.


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An elegant brand, with highly selected products and with great manufacturing quality behind it. Sonos is a brand that has drunk enough of Apple to get to where it is today.

As with those in Cupertino, Sonos doesn’t have the most open system in the world. However, customers continue to choose this brand for its integration, quality and advancement in multi-room sound.


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There are many types of building sets, but none of the quality of LEGO. The Danish toy company has worked very well over the years to offer a product that is durable, resistant and can be passed on perfectly from generation to generation.

LEGOs are made to last, they are backwards compatible and they have that prestige that white labels don’t have. Everyone knows how to tell a real LEGO from an imitation.


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Analogue is dedicated to the marketing of time machines, that is, retro consoles that can send you back to those unforgettable childhood moments.

Analog products do not have cheap prices, but all of them surprise with their brand philosophy and design. Analogue markets consoles with a high degree of aesthetics, quality hardware and durable materials.

There are many competing brands in the market for retro consoles with modern hardware, but here Analogue stands out from the competition in one fundamental point: only original cartridges can be used in Analogues. No savegames or ROMs downloaded from the internet. If Apple made retro consoles, they sure would.

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