7 accessibility features you need to know and use

The Apple Watch has many accessibility features. Thought out and designed for people with disabilities, some can be very useful on a daily basis.

L’AppleWatch has many accessibility features that are absolutely necessary for some people with disabilities, but most of them can be useful for anyone, if you know how to use them and where to find them, of course. Here is a small list of functions to know and test.

Manage your Apple Watch with gestures

The Apple Watch has a gesture navigation system that allows you to answer calls, move through menus and select options. To activate it, go to the Watch app on your iPhone, open the My Watch tab and then go to Accessibility > VoiceOver > Gestures. You can enable it here and see the different options under Customize Gestures.

The gestures recognized by the Apple Watch are: squeeze, double squeeze, pinch and double pinch. Closing your fist twice will answer a call on the Apple Watch, for example, and these gestures are very handy.

Automatically answer calls

If you expect frequent calls that you need to answer, you can set your Apple Watch to answer them automatically. To do this, open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the My Watch tab, then to Accessibility > Automatically answer calls and activate Automatically answer calls. You can also change the delay before triggering the response. Default is 3 seconds.

Play a chime every hour

The Apple Watch can play a chime every hour. You can even make it play a sound every half hour or every quarter hour. In the Watch app, then in the My Watch tab, go to Accessibility then Chimes and activate the option. You can then customize the alert and frequency.

Make texts easier to read on the Apple Watch

With the small screen, texts can be difficult to read. To make it easier, directly the Watch app on iPhone, the My Watch tab then Accessibility. There, check the desired options in the Vision section. Bold Text, On/Off Labels, Reduce Transparency, and Zoom are of particular interest.

You can also go to the Face Gallery tab in the Watch app, then scroll down to see the Extra large face category. You can also consider Duo figures and Mono Digits.

Use grayscale to reduce screen time

With grayscale set on watchOS, all your apps are displayed in monochrome, which helps reduce screen time by making displays less attractive.

Automatically adjust the volume of your Bluetooth headphones or earphones

The Apple Watch can automatically lower the volume of your Bluetooth headphones if you’ve been listening to your music too loudly for a while. To do this, head to the My Watch tab of the Watch app on your iPhone, then Sounds and Vibrations > Headset Security. You should enable Headphone Notifications to alert you when the sound level is too high and Reduce Loud Sounds to automatically adjust.

watchOS lets you customize the level toggle, with each decibel level accompanied by its description. For example, 75 dB is described as “As loud as a vacuum cleaner”.

Change the intensity of touch alerts

If you miss important notifications because you’re exercising or your Apple Watch isn’t tight, you can change the vibration intensity by going to the My Watch tab in the Watch app on your Apple Watch. iPhone. There, in Sounds and Vibrations then in Tactile Alerts. Tap Distinctive.

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