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35 euros per month against a pizza per day: how does Del Arte’s bold offer work?

A monthly subscription of 35 euros offering a pizza or a pasta dish per day, this is the new offer of the Del Arte restaurant chain, since Tuesday, October 25. For the time being, this package is only available in 13 restaurants of the French brand.

Lovers of Italian gastronomy, here is an offer made for you! Since Tuesday, October 25, the Del Arte restaurant chain has launched a monthly subscription of 35 euros (30 euros for the first month) allowing you to order a pizza or a pasta dish per day from a selection of seven recipes, reveals Le Figaro. Any other additional order such as drinks, desserts or coffees are however invoiced.

The offer works with a 6-month commitment and is available in only 13 of the 200 establishments, located in Boulogne-Billancourt, Colmar, Lyon, Metz, Rennes or Toulouse.

When out of package rhymes with profitability

The viability of the economic system of this model is also based on the extras not included in the package. “The Del Arte offer indeed concerns dishes at 8 euros. At the rate of 2.5 times a week, this represents a cost of 80 euros per month for only 35 euros paid”, calculates BFM TV.

“We are betting that customers who subscribe to the offer will not be content to eat only one dish and that they will come accompanied”, explains Philippe Jean, general manager of Del Arte au Figaro. However, the subscription does not concern the take-out sale.

Objective: winning back customers

Since the arrival of Covid-19 and the rise of telecommuting, consumers have been returning less to Del Arte restaurants than before. The subscription targets students in particular. “In a context of declining purchasing power, this offer should appeal to them”, deciphers the boss of the sign.

“I don’t know if it will work, but I think it’s important to shake up our struggling sector with disruptive proposals. If we reach an average of two meals a week, I will consider it a success”, concludes Philippe Jean.

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