25% of Apple products manufactured outside of China in 2025?

Apple’s production line is a kind of huge black box. It is so complex and extensive that it is difficult to perceive the real decisions of Apple. However, there are things that sometimes come up quite clearly, such as Apple’s ambition to go all out on the iPhone Pro 14 to the detriment of the iPhone 14, at least initially…

But Apple’s most noticeable long-term move is its unstated desire to reduce its dependence on China.

Apple picture

In Vietnam, the Cupertino company is producing more and more Apple Watch, iPad and portable Macs. JP Morgan says Tim Cook is also betting heavily on India for the iPhone. The investment bank estimates that from the end of the year, 5% of iPhone 14 production will be produced in India.


But that’s just the beginning: JP Morgan thinks that by 2025, 25% of Apple products could be produced outside of China. It would be a real tour de force for Apple. Currently, the Middle Kingdom assembles 95% of Apple products. To accelerate the movement, the Tata Group conglomerate is in discussion with Wistron, one of Apple’s subcontractors, to create a joint venture to manufacture iPhones in India.

For Apple, this strategy on paper has many advantages. From a strategic point of view, reducing its dependence on China is not a bad thing. Between geopolitical tensions and an ultra-restrictive policy against COVID, many companies are considering finding alternatives. But setting up in China also means getting closer to a promising market in which Apple could find important sources of growth. A difficult bet, but potentially very lucrative.


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